About us

Combwise Ltd. is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of smart, stylish and innovative tool accessories for both the professional workers and the home handyman, as well as for many other craft and home applications.

Combwise is committed to design and manufacture high quality innovative storage solutions at a fair price. We support this commitment with our highly professional team.

Combwise innovative smart storage solutions include:

• MoBin™ Series – offering a versatile and convenient wall mounted storage solution housing detachable transparent MoBin™ for hardware,
crafts, toys, spices, liquid and powder.

• MoBin™ 2 Go Series - A durable foldable casing which can be wall mounted or carried to go, housing multiple color-labeled MoBins™.

• CombKit™ - a tool box that combines the benefits of the MoBins™ series with a tool organizer.

• CombTools™ - a wall mounted tool organizer to which MoBin™ can be attached.